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How to ensure getting effective Tooth Whitening
Choosing the right Tooth Whitening
Whitening Fοr Teeth? What Arе Tһе Best Tooth Whitening Products?
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Teeth Whitening Tips and Tricks

Modesto Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth can be a great source of embarrassment, but it's a common occurrence that most men and women will face. Over time, teeth gradually yellow in color. And if you drink coffee, tea or red wine, or if you smoke, your teeth will become even more stained and discolored. But with today's variety of teeth whitening methods and technologies, including Zoom! 2 in-office teeth whitening, it?s easy to brighten and whiten your smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

If you would prefer to whiten your smile in the privacy of your own home, at your leisure, at-home teeth whitening is ideal.

We provide custom fit teeth whitening trays, combined with a prescription-quality teeth whitening gel. The trays are virtually invisible and can be worn during the day or night. Your smile will be quickly brightened in less than a week, and the results are long lasting. After your first teeth whitening appointment, your custom trays will be created using an impression of your teeth. After the duration of your home treatment, your teeth can maintain their brightness with simple touch-ups. For long-lasting results, try to avoid staining foods and liquids and smoking. Porcelain veneers and dental bonding are also effective in creating a whiter tooth appearance.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Many teeth whitening patients choose in-office teeth whitening for the quick results and expert guidance. During chairside bleaching, your dentist uses a special teeth whitening agent to reach your desired results. The whitener is applied with custom trays, and activated with an advanced light source.

Whichever teeth whitening method you choose, you can be sure you?ll see dramatic results with the supervision of an experienced professional. Our teeth whitening treatments are accepted and approved by the American Dental Association.

Modesto Teeth Whitening




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