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How to ensure getting effective Tooth Whitening
Choosing the right Tooth Whitening
Whitening Fοr Teeth? What Arе Tһе Best Tooth Whitening Products?
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The Focal Infection

It is shocking that physicians and dentists seldom investigate the possible presence of other focal infection sources as part of their preoperative bacterial endocarditis prevention programs. Patients must be examined to determine the presence of any infected teeth,gums,tonsil tags or other possible sources of focal infection.

Then, too, in view of Dr. Price's work, patients should be queried about any past root canal treated teeth, as they may not only be a factor in the current disease problem, but could actually be a cause of it. Martin H. Fischer, M.D.,a prolific writer of medical books during the 1940s,had this to say:

"Focal infection started in a tooth is obviously no trivial matter! From it are destined to flow into the periphery (other gland, organs and tissues) what amounts to unexpected and acute orchronic invalidism at the best; at the worst, death."

Perhaps now we can truly evaluate how unfortunate it was Dr. Price's research was covered up and buried all these years. When you think of all the excellent research accomplished by those mentioned in this chapter, it might lead you to think this subject is now clarified and out in the open. However, the fact is only a handful of dentists in the country have any knowledge about Dr. Weston Price's work. Although recent studies have been published in scientific journals, I dare say very few dentists or physicians in the country have read or know anything about their content.

Of course, both dentists and physcians are familiar with the risks causing endocarditis by way of dental treatment, but for most health professionals this book will probably be their first introduction to the phenomenal extent of the focal infection problem.

It has not been uncommon in the history of medicine for a major advance in the cure of disease to be buried for long periods of time as a result of controversy.

When the theoies behind a research endeavor become "dated," the inevitable question arieses as to what follow-up studies have confirmed the original premises. In Dr. Price's case there have been many; since then, 15 key studies are listed. The following is summary of Dr. Price's comments about the Buckley criticisms: "People are not living nearly the entire span of life they have a right to expect. Death is occurring even in our most civilized communities largely from degenerative diseases, chief of which is heart disease.

Even the mortality statistics of our various communities will at this time give an indication of the level and thought of dental practice with regard to the management of infected pulpless teeth.

It is practically, if not entirely, a physical impossibility to sterize infected cementum by treating through the dentin. It is like trying to sterilize infection in the label on the bottle by putting disinfectants in the bottle.

Root fillings do not continue to fill root canals. The amount of space that ultimately develops is approximately the amount of solvent used with the root filling material, assuming that mechanical filling of every area was possible.



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