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Affordable Dental Insurance

Most health insurance doesn’t include more than basic dental care, and if you don’t have Dental Insurance, getting your teeth and gums fixed can be prohibitively expensive. Good oral health is very important for overall health, which is why it makes sense to have Dental Insurance.

To know if you’re getting your money’s worth and reasonable coverage for dental care you or your family may need, it helps to understand the different forms of Dental Insurance. A direct reimbursement program reimburses a certain percentage of the total amount spent, leaving you free to choose a dentist. In a Schedule of Allowance program, a fee schedule states the total that may be reimbursed for a given procedure. In capitation programs, dentists receive a certain fee for each patient they treat, with or without co-payment. Last, UCR or Usual, Customary and Reasonable programs, set a reasonable fee limit for each procedure.

Most dental plans provide coverage up to a certain limit each year. To reduce your out-of-pocket payments, time your procedures in such a way as to maximize utilization of your yearly coverage limit. If you are employed, find out if your employer sponsors any Dental Insurance. Being part of a group dental plan is probably the cheapest option. You should also find out what procedures are or aren’t covered by your plan, and what your co-payments will be. Check if your plan requires your dentist to select the cheapest treatment alternative.

Also, will you get only preventive care, or also emergency care and other services like x-rays? What services are excluded from your coverage, and how may of these exclusions affect the quality of care you can get? Because Dental Insurance comes with limits, you really do want to find coverage that doesn’t unduly limit your options.




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